Google Fiber Intends to Provide Customers with 100 gbps Broadband Speeds

2 min readOct 4, 2022

Google Fiber, which is part of Alphabet’s Access division, is reportedly planning to offer 100 gbps broadband speeds to its customers in the United States.

According to ZDNet, Google Fiber’s main selling point to attract users was one gigabit speeds, which US incumbents such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T could not match. This forced incumbents to increase speeds in areas where Google Fiber was available, but its coverage was limited and remained stagnant for five years until last month, when it revealed plans to expand to five more states.

Google Fiber appears to be re-igniting competition. According to the report, the ISP’s CEO, Dinni Jain, says he wants to provide affordable access to multi-gig speeds and claims that a colleague recently achieved 20Gbps download speeds in Kansas City while testing the service.

“We used to get asked, ‘who needs a gig?’,” Jain was quoted as saying.

“Today it’s no longer a question. Every major provider in the US seems to have now gotten the gigabit memo, and it’s only going up from there — some providers are already offering 2, 5, 8, even 10 gig products,” he added.

Google Fiber currently offers a symmetrical 1gbps service for $70 per month, and last year began selling a 2/1Gbps download/upload service for $100 per month, with 1TB of cloud storage.

Jain stated that they will make announcements in the coming months to dramatically expand their multi-gigabit tiers. These will be critical stepping stones on their way to 100 Gig symmetrical internet.