Pocket HRMS Announces Partnership with Repute

1 min readMay 4, 2022


Pocket HRMS has announced a collaboration with Repute to improve the efficiency of its clients’ human resource processes. Repute is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based network that allows for instant talent onboarding and background checks.

Pocket HRMS has joined a network of partners who will use Repute to transform the way HR operations are carried out. Repute connects all HRMS Software platforms using blockchain, allowing users to seek and receive employment history from anyone on the network in a matter of minutes.

Through the Repute Network, Pocket HRMS users can:

Save time required for employee verification from 3–5 days to a few minutes
Reduce manual efforts involved in employee verification
Instantly verify documents to send offers and onboard candidates, using trusted data sources
Request and reciprocate data requests through the encrypted blockchain network.

By simply activating the service, all Pocket HRMS users will be able to access the instant BGV services on the Repute Network as apps on their dashboard.

Originally published at https://cxotv.techplusmedia.com on May 4, 2022.